Our team welcomes you.

We welcome anyone who wants to be part of our team.  Whether you are a transit worker or a caring member of the community at large; whether you run a business, practice a profession, or raise a family, your support has an immediate and direct impact on the lives of your neighbors.  Maybe you saw one of our donated ads on the back of one of 30 TriMet buses and thought about the workers who keep Portland moving.

Know that when you give a gift to TEST you become part of a team that boosts well-being in your very own community.  Your gifts become an instant transformative force in the lives of local people brought down by injury, ill health and appalling financial uncertainty. Our gifts together wield the power to deliver optimized resources to those who need them most.  We thank you for your support.

We’re here for you.

Our organization was started in support of transit workers; its goal was to provide help to those workers derailed by catastrophic illness or injury providing basic needs (Food & Shelter).  TEST has grown in its mission to embrace the concept of prevention:  what can we do to reduce the health risks transit workers face?  Our answer to that was to inaugurate a Wellness Program specifically designed to help transit workers stay on track through healthy living.

Now TEST is widening its circle beyond transit alone, as we move to become a source of support for the greater community through such programs as youth mentoring and food banks.  We are privileged to be here for each other and for the community we serve.

Helping our community flourish.

The economic roller-coaster of the past several years has left many communities reeling, but we in Portland have a tradition of stepping up and creating healthy, happy and sustainable answers to life’s challenges:  solutions that benefit us all.  Our goal is to make sure basic needs are met for sidelined transit workers while extending new opportunities to the community at large.

I know, from my own experience, what it’s like to grow up deprived; it’s what drives me to help those in need.  Through TEST we’ve developed the means to give impoverished children experiences that were nowhere to be seen on my childhood landscape: educational field trips, sports camps and summer programs that will help them to thrive.  Hard times bring lots of fresh tasks to accomplish.  I invite you to watch this site for news of all the fresh victories you and I bring to our community through TEST.

-Michael I. Luce Founder & CEO